Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Rose is Still A Rose

This unique piece of work is known as the Jeremy Scott hoody. Its a zip jacket from the "Let them Eat Grass" Collection spring/summer 09 collection. I wanna meet the creators of this because its that dope. Price tag? $354 and if you like to stand out then this should be well worth it.

Creative Recklessly

Creative Reacreation doesnt wanna be outdued. I just hope I dont see anyone overdoing these with Khaki pants or cargos.ewwwww!! In stores that support Creative Rec's, you can expect these to hit their shelves in the next coming weeks. Price tag? $135

Monday, March 30, 2009


If you were a big fan of the WWF and your not a new timer hangin' with the WWE stuff, then just lookin' at the jacket would take you back to those golden ages. The back of the jacket is the real main attraction, showcasing the legendary Ultimate Warrior. Price tag? $250

Now Thats That BULL

Spring is comin' and its comin' strong!! if this isnt evidence then i dont know what is. This is the Chicago Bulls Satin Chalk line jacket and can be purchased now at Fruiton for a reasonable $210. Noooottt baddd

Friday, March 27, 2009

Skate u fool!!

Introducing the DC Lamar and Dauley kix. Lamar and Dauley is a clothing company that is now collaborating with the DC brand to try their hand at making sneakers. The company has had moderate success with T-Shirts that feature such icons as Biggie and Patrick Ewing. Price Tag? $130. Not badd at all. Visit DCshoes.com


What yu are seeing is a bear sewn together entirely with dollar bills. Cool idea but i wonder how smooth it is hmmmm. Anywho it features a zipper for stuffing and is suitable for retrofitting with crushed dollar bills.


Thats all I can think of when i see this watch. Where is the cash?? This brand new Louis Vuitton watch sports an alligator strap along with the delicate feature of rubies in the shape of a heart. All those goods for $15,600. If you had the spread for something like that, then i should NEVER see you on the train. (ever)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Frankenstein Mickey

Chry and Swiss love Mickey Mouse so of course a flyy post had to be done. This Frankenstein Mickey has some dope features which include head bolts, crazy colored outfit, and the head stitching to match. I would think this release wouldnt be available till Halloween but you can find more pix and order info at LuciferJackass

The "Why didnt they use those" Photos

So obviously alot of pix where takin that particular day. But we felt we posted some of the best ones already. But then we figured why not post all of em'? These are the pix that were sort of left on the cutting room floor. Some of them are even off guard pictures because when you have a camera in your hand those are the funniest flix to take. Also sometimes those are the ones that capture the moments. Niiiiceee

Monday, March 23, 2009

This Week's Flyyest:: Ashley

Look what we have here. I had to break the thought that you had of this weeks flyyest just being all about the guys. Girls are definitely flyy too. And if anybody proves that its Ashley. Shes an aspiring model out of the Bronx doing her thing on the grind. As you can see she has a thing for the lense. Fashion is in her blood, and one of her many passions. Keep an eye open and expect lots more of her. (wipe those beads of sweat away) well not yet:


What you are seeing is the upcoming April issue of Complex magazine with Kanye West on the cover in what appears to be superhuman form. Dope idea and work from all involved. The shoot was constructed by Chris Milk who is also responsible for some of Kanye's famous visuals such as Jesus Walks. In the coming issue, they discuss his influence on music,and the universe!! niiiiceee. Also, below you can check out the making of this cover and the entire photoshoot. You can visit Complex.com to get an in depth feature on the making of the Air Yeezy sneakers. (Your Welcome)

Saturday, March 21, 2009


THE MONSTERS ARE COMING! Puma is not trying to be out done this year. This is the Puma japanese monster pack. It pays tribute to some of the classic japanese monster movies ranging from the 50's to the 70's. Of course none of us are from that time warp, but since when do you have to relate to a sneaker to know that its dope? Each one has an iconic monster to life, highlighting its signature features with various fabrics and textures. You can see in the tongue and sockliner the monster artwork with the corresponding skill it has. Classify these under "must haves". Silver gets a solo::


Nike is combining 3 different signatures of the tennis player Andre Agassi's retro tennis classic kicks. They created the hybrid version that are displayed here. They fit very well with the retro frenzy everybody seems to be into these days. Good news is they are available now and can be found at www.apropersite.com

Friday, March 20, 2009


No literally. Money is the name of this flyy clothing line, and it is already well known overseas. Apparently they are trying to make there big splash here in the states and from the looks of things they are off to a good start. The brand-comprised of money denim and premium line Money 750-combines European, Asian, and American influences. Niiiiiceee...price tag $180


Stussy is apparently paying homage in an interesting way. They are releasing there Great Minds collection with each T-shirt featuring famous faces such as Albert Einstein, Henry David Thoreau, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud and William Shakespeare. They all feature clever commentary next to there portrait with the comments being related to what each of them are known for. Release is scheduled for this saturday limited to only Stussy stores. SideBar: The Einstein shirt is the dopest one so he gets a solo::

Thursday, March 19, 2009


By now, im sure everybody remembers the now infamous sneakers Nate Robinson rocked to take victory over Dwight Howard at this year's Slam Dunk Contest. BUT I was under the impression that they were custom made and werent going to see a release date. I guess the feedback Nike has gotten from these has just been that amazing because they were planned to come out. Im not sure if they are in stores just yet but they were scheduled to be released appropriately on st. patricks day. No pricing detail available yet.


So Im getting slightly better at this and i told you i would keep the ladies posts comin'. These are the embellished cut out heel by versace. I would never get in a fight with my girl and she has these on. That heel looks like it would pierce my chest(ouch). Flyy shoes though. Price tag?? $1447. Damnnn. Coppin' those 4 ya lady? must be love (or brain damage)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Sweeet!! The folks over at Leaders decided to craft there own Huarache 2k8 sneaker. They have had this plan under wraps since last summer and finally revealed it to the public. There biggest concern was making it very jean friendly with a high end appeal. Huarache's never looked this good


Spring is in the air. Can you tell? Nooka is a new brand slowy plotting there takeover. As you can see, they are currently available in alot of different flavors. Niiiice. Visit Leaders1354 for more details and availabilty details.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Burton is Bringin' it

If you have been following, then you know by now that we have a thing for Burton Bags. Swiss's all white Burton was posted a little while back. This is another edition to the Shaun White collection with an incredible colorway. Visit Karmaloop.com


Introducing the Nike Fresh water pack. The pack will contain the Ken Griffey Jr. joints with the Seattle Mariners Colorway and a pair of Nike Air Max 95, which also sports the Mariners signature turquoise accent colors. Already available at select retailers

Monday, March 16, 2009

This Week's Flyyest:: DC

!st post for the flyyest got some good feedback so every monday is going to be someone new. Hmmm lets see DC is rightfully a member of the Brotherhood and Breakfast Club. He is known on the dance scene as a pretty laid back guy till the music comes on and then he transforms. Never really sees a dull day as far as fashion goes, weather its Gucci's, Pradas, kicks, etc, hes always on his A game. He plays a big part in the Lite feet movement but showed his range when he decided to step his shoulder game up.

Fashion Lolli's

You definetly wont find these at a corner store. Info about these fashion brand lollipops is very limited but just the thought of it is so dope. Would you actually eat these?? Just a question. To display, we have the Gucci, Chanel, and Yves Saint Laurent lollipops. Swwwwweeeeettt (literally)


Heres some sexy footwear courtesy of Emilio Pucci. Ladies have been on our heads alot lately about the lack of women posts on the blog. Cut us some slack we are MEN. Lol BUT we are breaking into the fashion world so we should know what you like. Apologies to you. Hope this more than catches your eyes. Visit EmilioPucci.com for further detail and information.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Louis Vuitton wants your money and they want it now!! These Louis Vuitton sneaker boots are part of the summer '09 collection and are a tribute to the late American artist Stephen Sprouse, considered to be a pioneer of the punk and pop trend of the 1980's streetwear patchwork construction. How much are they tapping your pockets for you ask? that would be a cool $980. *gasp*

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The new model for the PSP features a sliding screen concept. This is currently filed as a RUMOR! but the pic is just so dope i had to post it. According to many sources though, it doesnt have any new hardware with just the new design being the main attraction. You'll have the same internal architecture as the current models, but the form factor will be more cellphone-like with the inclusion of a sliding screen.