Monday, August 31, 2009

X-Clusive:: "Plenty Money" Freestyle

So our homie X-Clusive recently released a video to his "Plenty Money" freestyle over the Plies instrumental of the same name. the Plies joint is one of my favorite songs at the moment ("whats in my pocket dawg BIG FACE HUNNETS") sorry i had a moment. But yeah like I said it is one of my favorite songs of the moment so its good to see he did it justice. Check it out and show sum love! Shouts out 2 DJ Omar for directing it. keep up with them both on twitter


*drooling* Everytime i wanna just turn my back on Blazers, something fantastic gets released! Its always exciting to see how people react to different releases. Blazers in my opinion is over saturated like many of your favorite rappers. But when something incredible is released its undeniable. The raw selvage denim is two-toned in a darker and lighter version with contrast stitching to mimic that of premium denim. Also notice the brown Nike emblem on the heel that mimics the hem stitch on a fresh pair of jeans. Also, peep how they have the "Nike" tag on it almost like a pair of Levi jeans.

Eye Catcher:: G-Shock x LRG DW-6900 2009

DOPE! DOPE! DOPE!! Here is a new G-Shock release from LRG sure to catch some attention. It comes in bright yellow and features the word “Research” written over the strap. LRG seems to have taken a liking to customizing their own brand of the G. look for us to post release info very soon!

Monday, August 24, 2009

"This Week's Flyyest":: Nae Nae

Umm lets see?? Can you blame us?? I dunno how we do it. Looking through your emails you sent for the week's flyyest is always a pleasure. Everyone is an individual but not everyone is "flyy". Enter:: Flynaenae. Most of you know her by that name and she lives up to it. Executing sex appeal, style and Klass (yes with a "K") all wrapped in her small petite frame. She's from Harlem, New York with a passion for fashion and knows what works for her, which is a problem for many. With her modeling gigs in tact, we are sure to see even more of her (thank you!) if you havent already, go keep up with her on twitter.

GAP Varsity Jacket

Niiicee throwback look. GAP has a slew of new looks for the coming fall. This jacket can attest to that. Sleek, simple, but yet a head turner. Price tag? $248, visit or to visit their retail store, go to their site to find the store nearest you.

10.Deep 2009 Fall “Proud to be a Problem” Collection

10.Deep is still considered to be on the come up to most people. But most fashion lovers do recognize it. They have cutting edge designs and are more so known for their shirts and sweaters than anything else. This fall, they present their "Proud To Be A Problem" collection. The collection’s themes takes on some deeper undertones regarding those who drive change in the world via various “problem children” and outsiders. Look for the collection at stores soon.

A Look at whats to come::

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sneakers of the day:: Black Russell Patent Leather Clae's

So Im at Swiss crib having a talk about kicks of course and he pulls out these Clae's. I wasnt informed of this purchase but impressed. The patent leather just jumps off the sneaker and catches your eye. Price tag? $130

Wemoto Fall/Winter 2009 Collection

Wemoto is a German brand on the heels of releasing their 2009 fall collection. Seems simple but still dope. On the inside of the jackets it displays the words "Its getting Hot in here..." which is pretty much what you are implying when you take your jacket off anyway. lol...t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and plaid shirts are all to be featured in their up coming collection so stay tuned!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Sneak Peak at Nike's Fall 2009 Sportswear

Once again Nike is aiming for perfection. Without further ado, here are some of there releases ALREADY AVAILABLE check Proper.

Swagger Fall/Winter 2009 collection

The word "swagger" is tiresome and OLD!! But lucky for us, the clothing line with the same name is still new and fresh. The Fruit Loops tee is all the way dope and so is the Coca Cola polo. I posted a long sleeve one similar to it a few months back. Look for these shirts to be released as soon as next month!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Apparently This is a new phone

Talk about futuristic. No word on the carrier or any other information available accept that it has yet to be released and is probably just a copy of whats to come MUCH LATER down the line. It changes conditions depending on the weather that it is set in, for example you can notice the screen looks rainy. INSANELY dope! Am I the only one wondering what the case will look like?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

LiL SNS:: "Ooo Ooo Stupid"

Simply amazing!! The cameos in this vid are too many to name but of course you have FKB members ChryBaby and Mr YoutuBe. It was actually done a little while back but just released!! shoutsout to Sheem again. I cant attempt to name everyone in the vid because I dont want to leave anyone out, but Marky Mark, Kid the wiz, Mr Jones, O Wizard, Flyy Boogie, and Vick Live were all featured just to name a few. ENJOY!

Hot Stussy!!

Stussy has to be one of the more creative brands around so everytime I see that they have something new, i post it! Obviously these shirts have that rock vibe to them, which isnt bad at all. Available now at colette.

Ladies Like SnowBoarding?

They will at least when they see these. Here we have the Vans AirBlaster Snowboard boots. Vans got together with the folks from Airblaster to collaborate on a snowboard boot. The boot comes in a strong pink colorway. Availability details are not yet known factually but be on the look out for them in the coming weeks.

Monday, August 17, 2009

This Week's Flyyest:: Spaceman

Here to bring back the "flyyest" post we've been doing, is Spaceman. Known as a member of Breakfast Club and Brotherhood, he is an incredible dancer with the ability to dress which is never a bad thing. Space's admiration for clothes is inevitable from when he dances to when he's "chill". Another good thing about him is that his style cant be defined because he wears what he feels. I wish we had more pix but dont fault me *insiders note* these pix werent planned. It was a lounge night that worked for us.

Lanvin 2009 Fall/Winter High Trainer

Sheesh!! Evoking memories of Nike SB’s unorthodox Bison colorway from a few years ago, Lanvin releases an interesting high-top offering seen here. Based on one of Lanvin’s more popular profiles, the high-cut shoe boasts a bright toe cap with shades of brown and black. Available now at Aloha Rag. (info via HighsNobiety) soooo dope!!

Junya Watanabe Quilted Nylon Jacket

okay moment of silence please. *silent* Im losing my mind over how dope this jacket is!! For there fall/winter collection, Junya Watanabe presents this new quilted nylon jacket. Nice details include the elbow patches and the plaid back. Good news is it is already made available at Browns.

55DSL x adidas Originals Nizza

The 15th anniversary of the Diesel-headed 55DSL has resulted in a series of different colalborations for the brand. Having seen Diesel and Adidas partner up on a line of denim, 55DSL reaps the benefits of the relationship with this adidas Originals Nizza. Great pick up 4 all the Adidas stans. (info via Hypebeast)

Looking for Boots for the winter?

Heres a pair of shiny Neil Barrett Combat boots which i happen to think are pretty fly. I was just having the boot convo with the bros the other night. I personally want some boots I wont see anybody else with this winter. Haven't even owned a pair since like 9th grade. I'll start with these though. Price tag? $395

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nike Sportswear 2009 Fall Stadium / Varsity Jacket

Nike is not playing any games this fall. The season of flyy Varsity Jackets is right around the corner, so enter NSW (Nike Sportswear). They are dropping all sorts of different flavors. The good news is, both men AND women sizes will be made available at Nike Sportswear retailers. Check out the other colors and designs being released at

Top 50 Sneaker Stores in the World!! #31:: True

So like we posted before, Dime Magazine is showcasing the top 50 sneaker stores in the world. Yesturday they highlighted 50-32. #31 is the True store located in California. Having been open since 1996, they have a bit more history than a few of the other well known stores on the list. Owner Mike Brown has had everyone as a shopper from KanYe West to Robin Williams. If you are ever in the San Francisco area look them up! or visit their website at

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dime Magazine presents the Top 50 Sneaker Stores in the WORLD!!

Now this is a HUGE deal. It had to be done. Currently Dime Magazine is handing out the honors and showing recognition to the hottest sneaker stores across the world. There should be a few feathers ruffled by this list. Currently, the list is up to number 32 (which is Leaders1354 in Chi town big shouts 2 them we visit their blog frequently). Everyday they will drop a few more spots down leading up to that number one spot. Another HUGE shout out goes to Goliath in NY. Definitely an FKB favorite Here is how the list looks currently::

50. Sportie LA (CA)
49. Social Study (MD)
48. Black Rainbow (France)
47. MAJOR (DC)
46. Norml (Canada)
45. Attic (CA)
44. Premium Goods (TX / NY)
43. Espionage (Australia)
42. R.sole (MO / TN)
41. Gentei (MD)
40. No Boys Allowed (The Netherlands)
39. Goliath RF (NY)
38. Saint Alfred (IL)
37. Standard (GA)
36. Da-Fresh (Israel)
35. The 400 (CO)
34. Grand (Switzerland)
33. Hanon Shop (Scotland)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

When Will the Blazer reign End??

Me and the bros have this discussion quite often. When will the Blazer reign end? Im personally done with them at least for now. In comes the Ohio StateBlazer. The grey featured throughout the sneaker is all fine. BUT the red makes it POP!! Is there a brighter red?? sheesshh. Expected to drop within a matter of days. Stay posted!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

G-Shock Frogman

LRG Frogman decided to team up for the 10th year anniversary. Watch features 200m water resistance. The case it comes in alone makes it a must get in my opinion. VERY LIMITED EDITION SO ACT NOW!! Visit Goliath.

Sony Party-shot IPT-DS1 Camera Dock

AMAZING!! According to HighsNobiety, Sony recently announced the Party-shot personal photographer – “an innovative camera dock that pans 360 degrees and tilts 24 degrees, automatically detects faces, adjusts composition and takes photos for you.” Using the camera’s BIONZ image processor with its Face Detection and Smile Shutter, the Party-shot takes photos all by itself. The Party-shot is compatible with Sony’s new DSC-WX1 and DSC-TX1 Cyber-shot cameras and is mountable on most tripods. Captures photos for up to 11 hours with two AA batteries. Available September 2009 at Sony dealers worldwide for approximately $150 USD

Friday, August 7, 2009

Looks like another defining moment.

Im becoming more and more old school as the days go by. My appreciation for these kicks are bar none. Like stated before WE HATE the fusion packs but retro classics is what they should stick to. Not much has changed about these set of sneakers accept for the side of the blue 7's have a different feature than before. Not a bad add on i guess. This pack is made available at so check it out!

Vintage Americana Flag Knit

Summer is on its way outta here, and i came across this dope sweater just in time. Heres a piece from the folks over at Fruition. Nicely knit dope sweater displaying the American Flag on the front and back. The front features a Zip Closure. Price Tag? A cool $64 available at

Back 2 School FLY!

What better way to stay cool than a BBC/Ice Cream backpack accompanied with shades? This is from their fall 2009 collection. The backpack is what does it for me personally, although im not big on shades, those are fly. Already made available at BBC/Ice Cream flagship stores.

Guess Whos Back!!??

I know what your thinking. When will the hiatus stop right?? Well we are proud to re-introduce ourselves. Welcome to FirstKlassBreakfast. 4 collective individuals with a passion for dance and style. Alot has been goin on since we last updated. We plan on enlightening you with everything new. Looking at the picture above, you may notice the medallions on ours necks. We'll be sure to go into more detail on that later. But for now, WELCOME BACK!!