Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Puma is "Packin'"

The above creations are from the Puma Mihara Yasuhiro Collection. The metallic pack includes the MY-40,and the MY-41 both pretty much with similar designs. I personally prefer the high tops. You cant go wrong with them.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Warning:: Jacket may cause attention

This spring is definately set to be more fashion driven. I cant say im mad at that. Heres a jacket from the Ralph Lauren polo collection for the season. Again the colors are amazing and i cant help but feel like it was especially made to compliment the polo that was recently posted. Heres a pic of both items being worn together::

niiicee touch.

It Gets Better

Polo must feel like they have something to prove. Here one of there shirts making its feature. Color scheme just says "spring" all over it. Great pick up for any occasion this season.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Moncler Fleece?? Niiiiceeee

I can admit i was never drawn into the whole Moncler craze. But they never fail to impress obviously. This particular Jacket is called the M-65 and is part of their spring/summer collection. There is more detail and info about their spring/summer collection if you head on over to highsnobiety.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Christian Dior Polo

I didnt even know Christian Dior made polo's. Forgive my ignorance. Im guessing they are trying new things for the summer because this is a nice laid back pick up. price tag? a cool $46. Click image to enlarge.

Ummm did i mention ladies have kicks??

Im telling you the amount of women sneaker releases this year is going to be crazy and turned up a notch. Nike decided to give the ladies a shot with a two tone look featuring turquoise and silver colors. Available now at Nike retailers.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Louis Graffiti's

They go so well with the Stephen Sprouse Louis Vuitton sneaker boot releases which im assuming they are made to match. Price tag? $560

New Ice Cream jeans

These are also new release jeans complete with a new design. They are called the "drip" raw denim jeans and are going for $295 right now at the Ice cream store. Hmmm im not too sure yet Pharrell. They might have to grow on me. What do u guys think??

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Music:: Lil' SNS ft. DJ Webstar:: "Aim So Crazy"


Alwayz Coca Cola

Im more of a Sprite kinda guy myself but i dont see them making any dope rugbys soo moving right along. This red and gray coca cola rugby is niiiice and is only available in limited sizes for a limited time. Check your retailers because frankly i cant help you with this one. (sorry)

Women Have Footwear too

In my opinion, women have some of the hottest sneaker colors. Nike is trying to draw them in with the more daring approach for the summer. This style is called the tearway. A different sort of material covers up a bright pattern underneath offering up the chance for the wearer of the sneaker to cut and customize according to their liking. Already available at retailers

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ralph Lauren is not joking with u

Soo here we have an Archival Ralph Lauren Polo which is pretty damn dope. What you will notice that isnt too common, is that it sports a denim collar. Very brave move and could have went very wrong but they pulled it off. They have my attention and SHOULD have yours. Available at select Polo retailers.

Jackie Robinson Pack

Nike has decided to pay homage to the legendary Jackie Robinson. The pack displays 3 colors that have become the trademark for the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers since they were recieved into the National League in 1890. Jackie is known as an all around cultural icon and most importantly, breaking the color barrier in the MLB. Each sneaker will have the trademark logo sported on the tongue. You can now find them at select retail stores.

Monday, April 13, 2009

This Week's Flyyest:: Marky Mark

I know its been a couple weeks soo apologies to our readers. We have all individually been hella Busy. BUT moving right along, Marky Mark is a Brotherhood & Breakfast Club member and when he's not dancing he likes to get dressed. For a person at such a young age, (hes only 12) he knows his style and what looks right on him. Kids his age generally aren't focused on fashion and thats what impresses us the most. Keep an eye out for him on the dance scene. Ohh *sidebar* if you pay attention to some of the pix, he is rockin' one of the watches we posted a while back. Niiiiceee

The Ice Cream Man Is Comin'!!

New product from the BBC/Ice Cream team is dropping left and right for there Spring/Summer 09 collection. Graphic T's are the way to go apparently, because they are dropping a ton of them. Most of these items are already available at there BBC/Ice Cream online store

Good Sign of summer

Whenever you have white, blue, and black accents on a sneaker, chances of losing are slim. That is no exception when it comes to this Nike Air Max 90 colorway. The Kicks have already released and are available at proper.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We are getting some great feedback off the dance video posts so we are gonna keep them coming. Here we have some of Brotherhood's Finest going IN!! Filmed by Sheem shouts to him also check out his official youtube channel at sheemakayoungcole for all kinds of exclusive footage. Featured in this video is none other than our team member Swiss along with Flii Boogie, Duck Sauce, and Lockstar labbing to "Do the Eagle '09 produced by Lil' SNS. Check the vid && enjoy

Artist 2 watch:: X-CLUSIVE

X-Clusive is a 17 year old rapper from Bronx, Ny with a respectable buzz. He is a member of The Brotherhood and Breakfast Club and has been rapping since the age of 14 when he recorded his first freestyle called "Brainstorming". Since then he's been on the grind with track after track and is quite known for his clever wordplay. He is currently unsigned but thats sure to change in the near future. Take a listen to some of his latest work off his "Definition of Swag vol.1" mixtape coming soon (Enjoy):: ^^BH//BC^^

Swagger Right - X-clusive

Jockin My Fresh - X-clusive & Lil SNS

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Worth Every Half Cent

I guess just one half cent release wasnt enough for Nike. They are now releasing another pair which as you can see is heavily inspired by Tim Duncan's foamposite max. What i like is that it combines both the black and silver in the shoe laces. Shoe laces tend to just be so regular nowadays soo nice touch. More info coming soon

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kicks 4 SALE!!

Swiss has some steel gray X's in quite desirable condition. They are a size 9 slightly worn but still eye catchers. If you know your sneaker history, then you know that these are an original colorway and are rare to come by these days. If you come across them, chances are that the price will be sky high. However, if you are interested in owning these, then contact us via email at TeamFkB@yahoo.com. we can try and negotiate a reasonable price. niiiicee::

Dead && Gone

Soo as quick as it came, it left. The air yeezy worldwind has came and gone with the snap of a finger. The kicks took over on saturday and is now almost impossible to find at the original $215 price tag it was set for. people are now re selling them on ebay for as much as $1300 yikes!! BUT all is not lost. For those who didnt get to pick up a pair (such as myself) they will get another chance to cop them in May when the black and pink colorway is released. To add insult to my injury here is footage of Young Jeezy giving them away. IN MY SIZE. (smh)::

TheShoeGame.com: Young Jeezy Gives away Air Yeezy's from Patrick Fagan(ATL_Dunk-Junkie) on Vimeo.

lucky bastard. Next month is round 2!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blk/Red Griffey

Soo i posted a few weeks ago about the griffey re release and now it seems they are adding more colors to their line up. This one is possibly inspired by the Cincinati reds. Sportin mostly black upper with mostly red accents. official release date not yet revealed.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The "Hood" is back

What you are looking at is another Jeremy Scott Troll De Jolie hoodie from the "Let them eat Grass" collection *sidebar* very dope collection name. And no nothing is wrong with the picture, the hoodie sleeves are actually sliced. I guess it urges you to wear long sleeves under this. Definately stepping up the creativity. Price tag? $320