Friday, November 13, 2009

Ransom Summit Boots

Heres a pretty dope release from Ransom. the boots are straight ill and i wont talk you to death because by the time your finished reading they'll be GONE! act fast and head over to NOW price tag? $225

#1 Style Trend of the decade:: Slim-fit Jeans

Regardless if your favorite rappers still wears baggy jeans (ahemm Jay-Z), They were out numbered by the Lupe Fiasco's, and the KanYe West's and Pharrell's of the world who unknowingly started a movement and kept it afloat. In today's society, style is very important and a whole generation of once upon a time thugs slimmed it down and prepped it up. Some people still have problems with this on going trend and go as far as calling it gay, or just expressing hatred. Others such as myself embrace change and look forward to the next decade in fashion. I just hate that some of us take it too far. If i can tell that you have 35 cents in your pocket and your a grown man, you need to loosen up a bit. But i state again- i embrace. What will we do next?

A tour to Promote Supra Skytop II

Of course everyone knows FKB as sneaker freaks. Supra jus does something for me personally. The now legendary Skytop has just decided to add a "sequel" to their brand. Im not too sure about the look of these yet but im sure they'll grow on me soon. To promote these, Supra is launching a TOUR. Beginning in Paris at colette on November 27th, and ending in Atlanta at Wish on December 7th, the tour will hit 10 exclusive stops over a two-week period. Each store will receive 36 individually numbered pairs of the Skytop II Gradient colorway pictured above, for a total of 600 pairs. What are your thoughts?

Thursday, November 12, 2009



released: 1997
WR rating: 200 meters
module: 1444
crystal: mineral crystal


released: 1999
WR rating: 200 meters
crystal: Mineral Crystal


digital limited edition

WR rating: 200 meter

these watches are very rare.

but i do sell current 1's

hit me on aim


Friday, October 30, 2009

Young And Heartless Madallion

FKB's own Phresh recently made an extremely dope piece for an up and coming line we have called "Young and heartless". The line will strictly consist of T-Shirts, belts, and hats. If you take a look at it, you can see it has a huge letter "Y" on the front and takes the shape of a heart with the negative sign next to it (Meaning Heartless). Phresh is already known for his creativity with what we call the medallions and has made everything from the 1st letter of our names to the "FKB" medallion and the "BC" piece (Breakfast Club). All serv as promotional use for what we have planned. However, if you like his work you can ask him to customize a piece for you, and depending on the material needed, is how your price is determined. Catch him at

Brotherhood Performance

Once again FKB's own Mr. YoutuBe was at a recent festivity and showcased just how good his BrotherHood really is. Partially in response to the criticism they receive because people thing they can only dance to "lite Feet" music, here they are dancing to popular mixed songs we all are fond of. Some of BrotherHood's most recognizable faces were part of this including, Marky mark, Vick Live, and Flii Boogie. Enjoy!

Next to Bat:: Young Scolla "Prelude to Perfection"

Young Scolla is my fellow Detroit native and REAL fam. His work ethic is incredible and he has released a series of mixtapes in the pass. Currently he we has his "Prelude to Perfection." As he finishes up his album, he gives you 15 dope tracks. Some original production and others over some of your favorite hiphop beats. He has made it his goal to bring Detroit to the forefront of rap status and so far so good. Visit his OFFICIAL blogspot with all the updates and future work and download "Prelude to Perfection" Also, keep up with him on twitter. Heres the official tracklisting::

  • 1.Prelude To Perfection (Intro)
  • 2.Can I Live Feat. Will Grinden
  • 3.Rick Ross - Maybach Music 2
  • 4.Lust For Greatness Ft. Mook Grand
  • 5.Forgot About Me
  • 6.Married Man
  • 7.It Feels Good Ft. Mac Miller
  • 8.So Far To Go
  • 9.Say You Will 2.0 Ft P.L
  • 10.4th Quarter
  • 11.Them Girls
  • 12.Paper Planes 2.0 Ft. Mook Grand & Dusty McFly
  • 13.Infatuation (Dekk Remix)
  • 14.Mook Grand Speaks (Outro)
  • 15.If I Was With You (Snippet)
Some of my favorites::
"Maybach Music 2" freestyle
"Lust For greatness"
"Say You Will' 2.0