Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So as you (the followers) may know Team FKB is utterly obsessed with g-shocks .
Every week we will be posting random shocks & sum brief info on it.
this weeks watch is certified HEAT!!!!

released: 1998
WR rating: 200 meters
module: 1629
crystal: Mineral Crystal
band: Resin

Monday, September 28, 2009

What happened to "This Week's Flyyest"

We currently are brainstorming ideas to make this column a wee bit more interesting. Before it just felt like a routine of pix and a little about the person. Now we are trying to make it as interesting as interviews with the chosen person, photography, and maybe video. Trust us folks we dont wanna half ass anything so we are trying to make it BIGGER for our readers. if you yourself have any suggestions, we read them all, Send to teamfkb@yahoo.com

The Jackass Tee

The kanYe bashing continues. His now infamous stint at the VMA's when he interrupted Taylor Swift's speech just got him a T-shirt courtesy of Karmaloop. loll Its actually a pretty dope tee and I dont think kanye would mind at all. To make matters worst (or better) "Jackass" is exactly what our President called him after hearing of his show stealing move. I say its worth a pick up. And his face expression is priceless.

Worst Sneakers of the day:: Nike Blazer Mid - Glow in Dark (black / clear / volt)

I needed a reason to be done with Blazers forever and I found it. WTF was Nike thinking. Halloween is around the corner so expect all the "creativity" to pour out of these sneaker companies as they do every year but this is inexcusable. I guess just because they will glow in the dark they are going to sell. Im not listing price detail or anything for this.

A Very ummm Interesting Jacket from Harris

Here we have a very interesting Harris Quilted Leather Jacket. If that is not the eye popper for you, I'm guessing the ATTACHED backpack definitely is. I personally think its maybe a little too much for a jacket to have an ATTACHED backpack. Everyone isn't into that look but if sold separately, I would appreciate this more. I don't wanna be forced to wear a book bag I want that as an option but that's just me. Tell us what you think. Available at Browns.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some Really Really dope BBC Sweatshirts

BBC seems to be rolling out with there sweatshirts already. Here is just a couple of there sweatshirts already available on there website. I love the blue one more so because of the back of it, where you can see there signature name. However, the black hoodie just has me feened out. Check there blog for the pricing as well as other release info.

Sneaker of the Day:: Air Jordan XII White/Red

Yup droppin' in December, the red and white 12's are somewhat legendary. The shoes featuring a mostly white base with red accents and a premium leather upper, have little to no changes from the originals. That is what i like about it most because most of the retro releases have something different about them which is a major turn off. Again they dont drop until DECEMBER but Limited sizes are now available through Osneaker.

Pendleton Zip Knit Cardigan

Wow. Its that time of the year for warmth of course. Look no further than this knit cardigan already made available at fruitionlv.com Price Tag? $96

Polo Sweaters R Awesome

Polo just has a knack for knowing what works. Here is one of there new crew neck sweaters already available at select retailers. I hate when people take "whats in" and over saturate it so ease up on it guys. At the same time I understand because you cant help whats hot and whats not. Regardless if your the billionth person with the sweater on the same block, be an individual. Everyone isnt blessed with that ability so if you have it embrace it. i just went in a little. lol

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Timberland New Wave

The Original workwear outfitting brand adds new styles to their incredible Abington Collection:Features rich, supple full-grain leathers and Vibram outsoles. Not tryna wear Constructs this Fall then try these on 4 size

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sneaker of the Day:: Supra Cruzier

The Cruzier was first brought to my attention when they made their now infamous colorway portraying the Grape Jordan 5's. Now they are back again with a colorway that resembles that of the Jordan VIII. Owning the grape pair myself, I can say they are indeed very comfortable and a great pickup. Already available at Factory 413

nonnative Mountaineer Daypack

Its the Season of cool backpacks. Here we have the Nonnative Mountaineer the pack is featured in both a military olive or navy blue option. Simply designed and still fly. Both are available through honeyee.

BBC Pays tribute to BP3

One of my favorite tracks from "The BluePrint III" now has a dope t-shirt made by the Billionaire Boys Club line. This particular shirt is the "So Ambitious" tee modeled by Pharrell and is just one of three being released (with all three paying relating to the number one album in America) Dope concept and sick tee. A release can be expected next week.

Top 50 Sneaker stores in the world # 20 "Dave's Quality Meat"

If your a kick head living in NY, then you should know all about Dave's Quality
Meat. They stand out from the other sneaker stores because they handpick the best selection of shoes and clothing in the city. Celeb shoppers from the past have included Stephon Marbury, Kevin Garnett, and Kobe Bryant. If you interested in stopping by the now world famous store, take a visit www.davesqualitymeat.com or make a personal visit to 7 E 3rd Street
New York, NY 10003
Phone number:: 212.505.7551

Nike MJ Nylon Zip Vest

What a niice peace of work. Nike introduces there cut off sleeve zip up which has a cool retro feel to it. Notes: Blue Label / Zip Hood Closure. Good news for the ladies is that it is carried in both Men and women sizes.

So Did you Say Winter?

This Ralph Lauren Polo Bear USA Crew sweater was just released and can be found at your nearest Polo retail store. Pretty damn dope and looks warm.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Breakfast Club takes over 106 & Park

As you may know by now, The Breakfast Club are regulars on the 106 & Park stage. Here is a video of them after there show stopping performance in the soul train line. Out side being random of course. The vid includes, Mr. 5000, StoryBoard P, Mystery Man, Hype Girl, Prada Ro and of course Swiss and ChryBaby. Peep the FKB shoutout at the end.

PlayCloths New Era Caps and Sharpie Set

Play Cloths team up with Premier Atlanta-based retailer Wish on a new set of the popular 59FIFTY fitted silhouette. Two different colorways were created, including a royal blue/red/white and black/red/yellow rendition. Both feature dual branding with a special notebook underbill, spotted on most of the Wish-branded New Eras. Along with the caps, Wish will be dropping co-branded Sharpies in Red/Black to commemorate the September 25th, 2009 release which will see an appearance by Clipse. info via Hypebeast.com

Nike SB Spring 2010 Footwear Preview

Instead of posting the sneaker of the day, we decided to instead give a video previewing the 2010 footwear preview of Nike SB. There are a few in this bunch to my liking. ENJOY! and tell us what you think.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Breakfast Blog With Klass:: Hitting the streets of NY

Here we are once again. Just to give you a feel of how we are on a regular day shopping. We walk the streets downtown showcasing people we run into and networking! we had alot of fun that day so we tried to share at least nine minutes of it with you! lol enjoy

Look whos modeling for Play Cloth's fall collection

its none other than Swiss aka Mr. YoutuBe CEO of BrotherHood, Breakfast Club representer and one forth of FirstKlassBreakfast. Here he is modeling a few dope shirts by Play Cloths already available at Goliath. Shoutsout to them for always having the exclusives. also, be sure to visit there site to keep up with new releases. GoliathNY.com

Breakfast Blog With Klass

Finally! we can say we have a video up. This is FirstKlassBreakfast doing what we do best. Analyzing sneakers and talking sh*t in one of the world's most famous sneaker stores "Flight Club" here we talk about our past time favorites, from what we had to what we wished we had, to what we will comeback to get! The vid run just short of 10 mins. but if you love sneakers thats never enough! enjoy