Friday, October 30, 2009

Young And Heartless Madallion

FKB's own Phresh recently made an extremely dope piece for an up and coming line we have called "Young and heartless". The line will strictly consist of T-Shirts, belts, and hats. If you take a look at it, you can see it has a huge letter "Y" on the front and takes the shape of a heart with the negative sign next to it (Meaning Heartless). Phresh is already known for his creativity with what we call the medallions and has made everything from the 1st letter of our names to the "FKB" medallion and the "BC" piece (Breakfast Club). All serv as promotional use for what we have planned. However, if you like his work you can ask him to customize a piece for you, and depending on the material needed, is how your price is determined. Catch him at

Brotherhood Performance

Once again FKB's own Mr. YoutuBe was at a recent festivity and showcased just how good his BrotherHood really is. Partially in response to the criticism they receive because people thing they can only dance to "lite Feet" music, here they are dancing to popular mixed songs we all are fond of. Some of BrotherHood's most recognizable faces were part of this including, Marky mark, Vick Live, and Flii Boogie. Enjoy!

Next to Bat:: Young Scolla "Prelude to Perfection"

Young Scolla is my fellow Detroit native and REAL fam. His work ethic is incredible and he has released a series of mixtapes in the pass. Currently he we has his "Prelude to Perfection." As he finishes up his album, he gives you 15 dope tracks. Some original production and others over some of your favorite hiphop beats. He has made it his goal to bring Detroit to the forefront of rap status and so far so good. Visit his OFFICIAL blogspot with all the updates and future work and download "Prelude to Perfection" Also, keep up with him on twitter. Heres the official tracklisting::

  • 1.Prelude To Perfection (Intro)
  • 2.Can I Live Feat. Will Grinden
  • 3.Rick Ross - Maybach Music 2
  • 4.Lust For Greatness Ft. Mook Grand
  • 5.Forgot About Me
  • 6.Married Man
  • 7.It Feels Good Ft. Mac Miller
  • 8.So Far To Go
  • 9.Say You Will 2.0 Ft P.L
  • 10.4th Quarter
  • 11.Them Girls
  • 12.Paper Planes 2.0 Ft. Mook Grand & Dusty McFly
  • 13.Infatuation (Dekk Remix)
  • 14.Mook Grand Speaks (Outro)
  • 15.If I Was With You (Snippet)
Some of my favorites::
"Maybach Music 2" freestyle
"Lust For greatness"
"Say You Will' 2.0

Unrivaled Fall/Winter 2009 Collection | Hunter Jacket and Hat

Two of our favorite pieces from the Unrivaled Fall/Winter 2009 Collection have been released this week – their new take on the classic hat and the Hunter Jacket. The jacket takes its inspiration from several other classics – we see the quilted jacket, the hunter jacket and the varsity jacket in the mix. The outcome is fantastic and possibly one of the highlights of the entire season. The hats look solid as well and come in overall three colorways. Both pieces are now available from Elt. (info via HighsNobiety)

Wings + Horns x Cool Cats Varsity Jacket Available

The collaboration Wings + Horns x Cool Cats varsity jackets have been released today. The jackets that come without the patches as part of the Wings + Horns Fall/Winter 2009 Collection, have been enhanced by the French label with a large chest patch, collaboration inner tag and lining. If the regular version is a little too subtle for your taste, you might want to check out this one. It is now available in two colorways from colette.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Master-piece x Koichi Yamaguchi Backpack

Masterpiece seems like a good enough name for this backpack. Japanese bag label master-piece teams up with well respected bike maker Koichi Yamaguchi to bring what we now see. its highly functional for day to day use. Spotted at tokishirazu.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sneakers Of The Day:: Martin Margiela High Top “Cut-Out” Sneakers

The Martin Margiela High Top Sneakers also came out last season in a special cut-out version. Parts of the sneaker are left open, making sure you have enough ventilation going on during the warmer months of the year. Look out for these at Martin Margiela retailers now. Pricing can range anywhere from $600-800

Its not what you wear.. its HOW you wear it.

The most anticipated rapper as of late HAS to be Drake. The guy can sing (harmonize) rap, and the girls seem to like him. BUT you cant have it all. Drake simply doesnt know how to wear his clothes. I wasnt even gonna post this but me and swiss had a discussion about what everybody wore in the "Forever" vid. And Drake looked the sloppest! But after careful analyzing, look at the worth of what he wore::

Click here to Buy It Now at Karmaloop, $104

Click here to Buy It Now at OAK, $149

Click here to Buy It Now at Oki-Ni, $511

If only he knew how to display this, that ensemble would have been CRAZY. Still a great rapper thought. Shoutout 2

More BBC Sweatshirts

BBC is proving more and more how diverse they can be. Above, you have the Billionaire Boys Club Space Beach Shawl Collar Cardigan. Sporting a classy cream color it stands out among other releases. The Billionaire Boys Club Space Beach High Neck Sweatshirt below is just as different and dope. It has a nice assortment of colors but doesnt do too much! Available now on the BBC Ice Cream blog. People think that their clothes are too expensive but understand that it is the quality that your paying for. NOT just the brand.

Yellow and Purple Nike SB Backpack

I dunno what to say about this besides this is one of the dopest backpacks Nike has produced in a while. It is jus one half of the New package for 09 that they are coming out with. This one pays homage to the team we all know for wearing purple and yellow (do i even need to mention their name?) Both bags will hit SB retailers next month

Sunday, October 11, 2009


YIKES! this weeks g-shock is surely one to make u HURL on the person next to you.
This is a rare classic very few pieces were produced.
The colors arent common but still quite refreshing
Also its has the The Velcro/Snap mechanism flowing that is just O'so eye popping..



released: 2000
WR rating: 200 meters
crystal: Mineral Crystal

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sneaker of the Day:: Adidas Diagonial Campus

I've been meaning to post these for a while now but theres just been so many releases that we cant keep up! The sneaker is inspired by the Adidas Diagonal skate flick and features a red/white/blue design on the heel and a nicely contrasting gum sole. The Gum button is what does it for me and gives the sneaker its classic look. Availability info is slim but we'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Introducing:: Fashion Geek

Scouring the net today like i tend to do, i came across some hot pieces of work from a line by the name of "Fashion Geek" the originality is quite apparent and the name stands OUT! Another interesting fact is that all Fashion Geek pieces are HAND MADE in Chicago. Very dope and I look forward to their future releases. Right now some of their sweatshirts are available at

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New:: Leather PALLADIUM Walnut

PALLADIUM is picking up alot of heat this winter with no signs of slowing down. here they have the signature style everyone loves, but in LEATHER. This walnut color is already available at affordable prices.

Bedwin Fall/Winter 2009 Hooded Duffle Coat

Bedwin has a few releases for the winter and if your like me, tryna switch your style up for the winter time then you will definitely take notice. It’s classic without being boring, progressive without going to far. It also comes in beautiful black and grey versions. Already available at Deep Inside Inc.

GOLIATH Photoshoot

Check out some footage of Breakfast Club Rara and FKB's own Mr Youtube Modeling some of the newest Penfield Fall Collection @ Goliath RF u can check all the pics from the shoot @