Friday, October 30, 2009

Young And Heartless Madallion

FKB's own Phresh recently made an extremely dope piece for an up and coming line we have called "Young and heartless". The line will strictly consist of T-Shirts, belts, and hats. If you take a look at it, you can see it has a huge letter "Y" on the front and takes the shape of a heart with the negative sign next to it (Meaning Heartless). Phresh is already known for his creativity with what we call the medallions and has made everything from the 1st letter of our names to the "FKB" medallion and the "BC" piece (Breakfast Club). All serv as promotional use for what we have planned. However, if you like his work you can ask him to customize a piece for you, and depending on the material needed, is how your price is determined. Catch him at


  1. this shit right here is FIRE!

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