Friday, April 3, 2009

I Get a Call like "Where are you Yeezy?" (Literally)

So leading up to what has to be one of the most talked about sneaker releases in recent memory, lines are already building up on the westcoast for these kicks. it would seem everyone knows about them right? They come out this saturday for cryin' out loud! You cant call youself a sneakerhead if you dont know about them. Which leads me to the core of the story. So Swiss called me a couple days ago with something funny. Apparently he walks into footlocker on westchester and just outta curiousity asks one of the employees "Are you guys getting any shipments of the air Yeezy's??" Employee looks dumbfounded and says "huh? Whats that??" Swiss clearly frustrated, turns around and just leaves the store. smh the nerve of his black and white stripes.
*sideBar*:: Only select stores are receiving them and that includes ONLY 34th st. locations of footaction and footlocker. Good Luck hunting

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