Monday, August 10, 2009

Dime Magazine presents the Top 50 Sneaker Stores in the WORLD!!

Now this is a HUGE deal. It had to be done. Currently Dime Magazine is handing out the honors and showing recognition to the hottest sneaker stores across the world. There should be a few feathers ruffled by this list. Currently, the list is up to number 32 (which is Leaders1354 in Chi town big shouts 2 them we visit their blog frequently). Everyday they will drop a few more spots down leading up to that number one spot. Another HUGE shout out goes to Goliath in NY. Definitely an FKB favorite Here is how the list looks currently::

50. Sportie LA (CA)
49. Social Study (MD)
48. Black Rainbow (France)
47. MAJOR (DC)
46. Norml (Canada)
45. Attic (CA)
44. Premium Goods (TX / NY)
43. Espionage (Australia)
42. R.sole (MO / TN)
41. Gentei (MD)
40. No Boys Allowed (The Netherlands)
39. Goliath RF (NY)
38. Saint Alfred (IL)
37. Standard (GA)
36. Da-Fresh (Israel)
35. The 400 (CO)
34. Grand (Switzerland)
33. Hanon Shop (Scotland)

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